How to Get More Twitter Followers

The process for getting more Twitter followers is similar to that for getting more Facebook fans but with several differences. There’s more of a requirement for good quality content in order to attract followers on Twitter than there is for Facebook.

  • Getting exposure and encouraging profile visits
    • On Twitter
    • Outside of Twitter
  • Turning visitors into followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers

Getting Exposure & Encouraging Profile Visits

On Twitter

  • Post interesting and unique insights, info, links etc. to encourage your existing followers to retweet and reply which will appear in their stream and be seen by their followers. Here are some tips:
  • Reply (@) to other people’s posts with useful and relevant info
  • Fill out your bio and location so you can be found in Twitter search
  • Search Twitter for people talking about your topic and join the conversation
  • Look for interesting weekly chats (#) and trending topics to become a part of
  • Consider hosting a chat on Twitter yourself (Chris Brogan)
  • Follow people – by default, users get an email when someone follows them and they’ll probably click through to your profile to check you out. You can use a tool such as Manage Flitter to unfollow people you don’t follow you back.

Outside of Twitter

  • Promote your Twitter account through your other web properties; website, blog, newsletter, RSS, other social media accounts, email signatures, forum profiles and signatures
  • Promote your Twitter account offline with flyers, QR codes and signs in-store
  • Include buttons on your website
    • Twitter stream
    • Follow button

Turning Visitors into Followers

  • Get retweeted by influential people (see tips above)
  • Fill out your profile well
    • Use an avatar of your face, not a logo, preferably with a smile
    • Make your bio succinct and informative
    • Include a city in your location
    • Customise your background and make it interesting
    • Identify yourself authoritatively


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